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Achieve maximum results with Tenkay EXCEL; small group personal training sessions. This specialised programming is designed to take your training to the next level.

Sculpt and transform your body in an environment custom-made for peak performance.

Motivation can escape all of us at the best of times. So, we've addressed this head-on with vetted one-on-one tactics and programming strategies that won’t leave you lost in the mix.

Build strength, increase s​peed, and reduce lag time. Embrace movements that quickly become second nature.

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Level up your fitness game.

Our Excel sessions are part of a 12-week Strength Training Program.

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Excel Programming:

  • Only 4 Clients in a Session 
  • Access to the Tenkay Nutrition App 
  • Shopping Guide for Custom Meal Plans
  • One-On-One Attention From Your Coach

Reach The Pinnacle Of Performance

Receive individual attention so you can focus on your target areas during a full body workout.

Set goals on a timeline that’s proven to garner the fastest results. There is no easy way. Instead, we guarantee to deliver higher intensity sessions that push you to the limits!

Results are paramount to the process. With our dynamic programming, you’ll get the added benefit of tailored meal plans, a custom shopping guide and access to the Tenkay nutritional app to keep you on track!

Accountability is key! Make the change now.

Tenkay Personal Trainer Perth Weight Spotting

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