Group Fitness Classes Perth 

Results based training at your pace.

At Tenkay, your goals are our goals. Each element of our group fitness classes is developed for you to achieve maximum results at a pace that best suits you.

Our group exercise classes are designed to keep your energy up and your interest piqued. You asked and we answered, these are the group fitness classes Perth has been waiting for!

Since our team has carefully crafted each class session, some classes better suit and support different fitness levels. However, you can become a member at any time and immediately feel at home. 

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Level up your fitness game.


Stamina: 00:30:00 mins

Results: Increased Power, Balance, and Flexibility

Life isn’t two dimensional, so your training shouldn’t be either.

Our full-spectrum strength and conditioning program incorporates HIIT training elements to work your entire body.

Tenkay Group Fitness Classes Perth Box Jumping
Tenkay Group Fitness Classes Perth Skipping Rope


Stamina: 00:45:00 mins
Results: Increased Speed, Agility, and Focus

This class is the one-stop shop for no-nonsense training with big results. Fast-paced and ever-changing, we dare you to be bored!

Why did we focus on group fitness classes?

The benefits of group fitness classes were tough to argue with. Members experience results faster and maintain them longer due to the positive environment our fitness facility provides. 

We coach versus instruct and work closely with you so you achieve your goals and don’t get lost in the mix.

We focus on technique and performance, but we also aim to create a space where people feel motivated, supported and genuinely enjoy being active.


Stamina: 00:60:00 mins
Results: Increased Strength, Balance, and Core Control

Unleash the animal within! This class will get you moving in unique and interesting ways that will create functional strength for everyday movements and practicality.

Tenkay East Perth Gyms Dumbbell Lunge
Tenkay Gyms Midland Barbell Lift


Stamina: 00:60:00 mins
Results: Increased Strength, Technique, and Flexibility

This class is focussed on increasing stamina and power output. The technical skills gained with our Olympic lifting and powerlifting training is second to none.