Strength and Conditioning Perth

HIIT Training That Equals Big Results.

Life isn’t two dimensional, so your training shouldn’t be either.

Our full-spectrum strength and conditioning program incorporates HIIT training elements to work your entire body.

Each session combines functional movement exercises with high intensity to increase your fitness like never before.

Enter the boredom-free zone! Some of us have the attention span of a goldfish. *raises hand* Don’t worry, we have developed this class so workouts change on a daily basis to avoid progress plateauing and to ensure maximum engagement.

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Dynamic Strength and Conditioning Program

Since every day is a new session, you can expect anything from kettle bell lifting techniques to gymnastics, endurance, power and speed to conditioning training—all focussed on body weight, strength and cardio training.

Each day focusses on different muscle groups: lower body, upper body and posterior chain. Functional training workouts are a great way of maximising strength output without risking overtraining.

Tenkay Strength and Conditioning Perth Dumbbell Lunge

“I start work early Mon-Fri, so this class has allowed me to stay fit, lean, and also make it to work on time”

Amanda C