Endurance training program

Endurance Training with a purpose

The Tenkay Endurance Training Program is the one-stop shop for no-nonsense training with big results. Fast-paced and ever-changing, we dare you to be bored in this class!

The fundamental principle of this class is combining short, intense periods of resistance training with just enough recovery time between sessions—performed with a lot of effort and focus.

Endurance training is essentially strength training for rapid fat loss. Think: circuit training, CrossFit or giant sets, but in a more structured style. This approach jacks up your heart rate and keeps recovery time short, leading to superior calorie burn, muscle stimulation, and fitness adaptations.

endurance Training Program

Have we piqued your interest? Join us! This is an ideal class for early morning risers and people with condensed fitness schedules that still want to get that blood pumping.

You’ll get your hands on dumbbells, free weights, cables, suspension trainers, and fixed bars to give you a fast, intense, and effective workout.


Tenkay Endurance Training Program Perth Kettle Bell

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“I like the group/social aspect and the one on one attention I also get in the class. Since starting in Feb 18, I've dropped 12kg and I can now run 5km straight”

Sue L