Build strength with this Complex training Power class

Lift, launch, increase your power!

Focussed on increasing stamina and power output.

The Tenkay Power class builds technical skill through complex training. Our coaches will break down the movements step by step, increasing strength development and technique.

Think fast, lift faster. As you increase mobility and attain a greater range of motion, you’ll execute lifts faster with explosive strength and controlled power.

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Level up your fitness game.

Increase your strength with our Power Class

Test your limits! Both intermediate and advanced members will see improvements in their Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting technique while building functional strength.

The carefully calculated movements performed with complex training have been identified as the best for increasing athletic ability in other fitness activities. Simple yet effective. If you want to gain serious power, this is your goal class.

“I have been a member of a handful of gyms, and they couldn’t deliver the challenge I was after, the Power class gives me that challenge and much more”

James F