Functional Strength Training program

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This class will get you moving in unique and interesting ways that will create functional strength for everyday movements and practicality. Get low, reach high and perform exercises based on components of explosiveness, acceleration & deceleration and stabilisation in all three planes of motion.

Using functional bodybuilding progressions, our fitness trainers will help you build your base, increase strength and muscle, correct imbalances and tone specific areas of your body through foundational movements.

This strength training program targets articulation joints to increase your ability to run your load-joints (shoulders, hips, knees and ankles) through a full range of motion without pain, stiffness, or restriction–maximising primal movement.

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Our Functional Strength classes are part of a 12-week Strength Training Program.

Each day is focussed on different muscle groups: lower body, upper body and posterior chain. Functional training workouts are a great way of maximising strength output without risking overtraining.

“I started this program to gain strength and muscle to step up my Rugby. I am four months into the Strength program and I’ve seen massive changes in my game. I can take harder hits and give them back also”

Reuban P