Get Acquainted With Our Exercise Programs And Meet The Team!

At Tenkay, you’ll set fitness goals and get results at your pace. But you might not know where to start.

No experience? No stress. Tenkay is exactly where you need to be. Our Perth gyms are the ideal environment to empower every.body, no matter what level.

The No Sweat Intro is your opportunity to meet our fitness trainers, check out our gym facilities and set your fitness goals. It’s perfect for you to get acquainted with our exercise programs so you get the membership that’s right for you!

Become a Tenkay member.

Level up your fitness game.

 Why You Might Consider Our No Sweat Intro

  • New to exercise and you’re not sure where to start
  • Moved to the area and interested in joining a new gym in Perth
  • Need a kick start with your training again
  • Worked hard at training elsewhere but not getting results
  • Have a fitness goal and want a plan
  • You're an athlete training for and have special requirements
  • In need of specific rehabilitation or body shaping
  • Want to learn about how Tenkay is different from other Perth gyms

Level Up Your Fitness Game!



Knowledge is power. Our friendly and accredited coaches will discuss goals with you and help create a personal fitness and nutrition plan that’s right for you.


We offer solid, healthy nutritional advice that works for you, your body and your lifestyle. Our approach breaks the loop of yo-yo dieting and poor nutrition, so you can get the absolute most out of your workout.


We regularly re-test strength to track your progress. Knowing these numbers plays an important role in Tenkay strength training program, weightlifting, and resistance training. Everyone loves a new PB (Personal Best)!


Body measurements might seem scary but they’re an excellent way to track your progress. As a member, you’ll have access to comprehensive tracking app, including progress charts, a unique point system for progression and motivation.


We’re big on community! Achieve your goals, attend Tenkay events, test your limits, and most importantly, have fun—with the support of other Tenkay members.


Technique, expedited pace and fine-tuning are the focus of our Excel sessions. Make the most out of your training and work closely with your fitness coach.